[Zope-DB] Oracle and Zope on Linux

D.RickAnderson D.RickAnderson
Wed, 10 Oct 2001 14:28:21 -0700

The first install I did was just the client. It comes with 3 options in the OUI; install Oracle, install Oracle client and Custom. I've 
done them all, even the custom. I went through and checked every box you could check and still didn't get that file. I'm 
wondering if this CD was a bunk purchase. I guess I'll have to continue searching the web for a client download. I've been on 
Oracle's web site for the last week now and I haven't found anything.



10/10/01 2:23:55 PM, "Matthew T. Kromer" <matt@zope.com> wrote:

>D.Rick Anderson wrote:
>>Thanks for the reply. The drectory that it "should" be in is 
>>/usr/u01/app/oracle/product/8.1.5/lib. unfortunatly it's not. I've set all the env variables 
>>according to the Oracle install instructions. If I do a find -name libclntsh.so.8.0 from / it doesn't 
>>find anything. I've walked up and down the directories hoping to find something similar to no 
>>avail. I've even uninstalled Oracle, installed just the client, installed EVERYTHING and nothing 
>>seems to work. Is there a client for download that includes this file?  Are there going to be other 
>>files like this one that give me a problem?
>>Thanks again,
>It sounds like when you did the install, you only installed the Oracle 
>server, not the oracle client.  Can you go back into the installer to 
>install the client?  Normally, when you get the server you should have 
>gotten the client too, but maybe the installer failed.
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