[Zope-DB] Can I manipulate a recordset returned by ZSQL-method?

Matthew T. Kromer matt@zope.com
Fri, 12 Oct 2001 18:04:19 -0400


I have accessed ADO objects using the Zope COM bridge stuff, but its 
been a while (a year?) since I've done that.  ActiveState has some of 
the components you need for this with their ActiveState python builds, 
which include the necessary COM wrappers.  The name of the Zope COM 
wrapper escapes me at the moment... sorry... but I'm fairly sure it uses 
Mark Hammond's stuff from Active State.  

If you are still lost on Monday, I can look up what I did (I hope) when 
I get back into the office.

Herbert Sitz wrote:

>Hello.  I posted a message a week or so ago about whether it was possible to
>use ADO to access data sources from within Zope, and haven't gotten any
>responses.  I guess I should have asked HOW it was possible, since I'm sure
>there's some way to do it; I just don't have enough experience and am not a
>good enough programmer to figure it out.
>My main reason for wanting to use ADO is to gain access to and manipulate
>the records returned from a ZSQL method.  I know that the results of a ZSQL
>method are transitory; they exist only long enough to feed the info for
>output via the webserver and then they're gone.  But there has to be some
>way to capture the results and manipulate them with Python code.
>I'm thinking that this would be useful, for example,  to use a pointer that
>could be positioned at a specific record of a table.  This could be used to
>have a single record form that used navigation buttons to move forward and
>backward through the recordset.  Obviously, it could be useful for many
>other things, too.
>I though having an ADO connection would be useful for me, since most of my
>work is done in MS Access and SQL Server, and for other databases I would
>just use ODBC layered through OLEDB and ADO.
>I'm starting to live with the fact that nobody can help me with ADO.
>But isn't there some way to do this with the Python DB drivers?  Don't they
>basically allow you to create recordset objects and manipulate them in much
>the same way as ADO does (albeit more limited)?
>I would really appreciate any help on this.   Even if it's just to say it's
>really not feasible right now and give up on my idea until someone develops
>a simple way to do it.  I'm just learning Zope and am really excited about
>it.  Unfortunately I still need somebody to help me learn the ropes.
>Herb Sitz
>Seattle, WA