[Zope-DB] DCOracle2 OracleDate and parameter sequence problem

Christopher Jenkins cjenkin1@stanwell.com
Mon, 15 Oct 2001 17:41:47 +1000

"Matthew T. Kromer" wrote:
> OK, for what its worth, I downloaded Oracle 9i over (I think my first DL
> was bad) burned it, took it home, and tried to install it last night.
>  After twiddling with gencliensh to build libclientsh.so (of which I am
> not sure what I did was CORRECT) I finally got a 9i database up on
> RedHat 7.1.
> I was able to reproduce your problem, mostly.   What I found was that
> any array based executemany() was failing one way, and the dynamic fetch
> mode was failing with the error "arrays can only be bound to PL/SQL
> statments" which is a sort of "aha!" because it generally implies the
> binding arguments are being interpreted differently.
> Sadly, it took so long to do most of the above I didnt have much time
> left to do much analysis.

Thanks for going to this trouble.  I only hope that after
this amount of effort you will be able to resolve the problems.

I should also apologise for posting tracedumps to the mailing
list - I will be more careful in future.