[Zope-DB] Linux Zope <=> MSSQL

Matthew T. Kromer matt@zope.com
Wed, 17 Oct 2001 16:21:48 -0400

Wade Leftwich wrote:

>Is there a Best Way to connect Zope on *nix (BSD or Linux) to MS SQL2000? Or can I get a hint?
>I'm working on a site that's all ASP,  adding Zope components with a goal of moving the whole thing to Zope eventually. It would be a big plus to run Zope on FreeBSD or (2nd choice) Linux.
>I started to look at SQL Relay, but got scared off by a discussion on its mailing list titled "Massive Memory Leaks". My site is corporate and moderately high traffic (60K page views per day), so I need a reliable setup.
>Any help appreciated. If I don't get this working with Zope pretty soon, I fear a countermove by the .NET faction.
>Wade Leftwich
>Ithaca, NY

Well, one way to do this would be to use something like the OpenLink 
(www.openlink.com) ODBC drivers and use an ODBC adapter to talk to SQL 
Server.  I've done this with ZODBCDA, although not in a production 
context.   For ODBC adapters, Zope corp has an older ODBC driver, or you 
could get Egenix's (www.egenix.com) mx-ODBC.  Note that some of these 
drivers are fee licensed for production commercial use, but I believe 
that both OpenLink and Egenix charge nominal fees.

Also, its probably worth stating that what OpenLink provides is a driver 
manager, and Egenix provides a driver -- you need both.