[Zope-DB] Querying many DBs from one set of SQL methods?

Stuart Nicholson stuart.nicholson@wirelessdatanz.com
Mon, 17 Sep 2001 16:49:26 +1200

The itch: I need to have a single set of Z SQL methods that can be run against multiple databases as part of a common web interface driven by data held in different client's

A problem: However when defining a Z SQL method you are required to select an existing Zope Database Connection instance that the SQL method will run against. 

A scatch?: To me (being something of a Zope novice), it would appear to scratch my itch I have to 'copy and paste' into different folders (say one per client), duplicating my
common SQL methods, defining the appropriate DB Connection in each folder and then changing each duplicated SQL method to point to that connection. This seems a rather
inelegant solution.

Is there a better way?: I haven't tried but imagine I can programatically change the DB Connection properties prior to running each request. Is this a viable solution? Will
this work with multiple clients running the same query for example? Can anybody suggest a better solution?

Thanks in advance,

Stuart Nicholson
Software Engineer
Wireless Data

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