[Zope-DB] psycopg binaries?

Federico Di Gregorio fog@mixadlive.com
21 Sep 2001 13:20:15 +0200

On Fri, 2001-09-21 at 13:07, Harry Wilkinson wrote:
> Hi all :)
> I have been trying (without much success) to compile the PostGreSQL
> Python adapter (or whatever you would call it) module psycopg
> (http://initd.org/Software/psycopg) for use on Windows.  I was hoping
> that perhaps soemone out there has already completed this gargantuan
> task? :)

i think psycopg requires heavy patching to run natively on win32
platforms. your best bet is to compile it using gcc in the cygwin
environment. we are removing some gcc-ness (mainly for compiling it
using sun cc) but then you still need a good posix thread implementation
for windows (the gtk win32 port has one i think.)
> I would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the direction
> of some Win32 binaries, or some instructions that might help me compile
> it.

until now nobody reported a success with win32. we'll be glad to include
patches but we won't do the port ourselves, as windows is definitely not
something we need or want (for stability and licensing reasons, really
off-topic on this list.)


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