[Zope-DB] unlimited SET?

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Fri, 09 Aug 2002 16:16:33 +0200

Hello zope-db,

      there is this SET type in mysql... the problem is it's binary
      based, and can contain up to 32 elements...

      what if i have lot more stuff?

      i have 2 tables, the first one is for the product (i'm building
      an e-commerce site) and the other has options, that can be
      selected for the product.

      i thought of keeping the "option1,option2,option3" structure,
      but make it TEXT instead of SET, and doing the whole
      searching/adding/deleting logic from code and not mysql.

      but it seems a bit complicated for the first.

      is there a better workaround? whats the practice for this?

      i have ran into this problem several times, and i am sure there
      is a good working practice for this under zope;D

      thanks a lot,


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