[Zope-DB] page not found error while connecting

Tom Jenkins tjenkins@devis.com
Tue, 03 Dec 2002 15:04:58 -0500

Chason Hayes wrote:
> I know I shouldn't but I am. first I select Psycopg_database_connection 
> (Z Psycopg Database Connection) from root folder of zope.
> The next page says the connection is closed. I click on open connection 
> and get the page cannot be found message.
> I have viewed the source for the form and see that the action is 
> "manage_open_connection" but I cannot find this in zope. Perhaps that is 
> the problem. any suggestions?

manage_open_connection is a method in

what's the exact error?  does it include a traceback?


Tom Jenkins
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