[Zope-DB] changing from dtml-in

D. Rick Anderson ruger@comnett.net
Tue, 03 Dec 2002 17:20:33 -0800

Thanks for the reply Ed.  I tried that and here's how it looks:
x = context.basicReport()
if x:
 for result in x:
  print result.accid

where accid is the name of the first column in the table. It's still not 
doing anything. If I call it from a DTML document with <dtml-var query> 
I get a blank page with 'None' upin the left corner as if it's returning 
an empty result. The query returns over 800 records when run with the 
'test' tab from the ZMI and I've run it in a <dtml-in> with good 
results. I'm lost.



Ed Leafe wrote:

> On Tuesday, December 3, 2002, at 07:36  PM, D. Rick Anderson wrote:
>> I've been using zope for quite some time, and I've always coded 
>> almost completely in DTML. I know that I need to change and I'm 
>> trying to make that jump right now. The 'fun' that I'm having is 
>> calling an SQL query from a python script. Here's the basic code:
>> x = context.basicReport()
>> if x:
>> for result in x:
>>  print result
>> where basicReport() is an SQL query that doesn't require any input 
>> variables, but definitely returns data. When I test this code or 
>> render it it does absolutely nothing. It doesn't even barf back an 
>> error, it just doesn't do anything. I have some idle time on our 
>> projects so I'd like to get this stuff nailed down.
>     In your example, 'result' is a row. You need to specify the field 
> name:
> for result in x:
>   print result.myfield
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