[Zope-DB] Printing in html page

Bo M. Maryniuck b.maryniuk@forbis.lt
Wed, 11 Dec 2002 11:21:30 +0200

On Wednesday 11 December 2002 02:58, cpen wrote:
> We  created  one  apllication in Zope / Python and that
> must be  printted in a specific printer (that will be
> everytimes the same printer and that is a printer of the
> net) with custom page setup.
> And  we  are in difficulties to do this  in Python (or
> Java, Java Script or any language).
> Can you help us ?
> Thanks  a lot.

*Telepathy on*

=09I see HTML page... some button with "Print" label...
=09Also user, who want print something...

*Telepathy off*

Since I can't read your minds, I just think you want to print your page f=
rom a=20

=09<input type=3D"button" onClick =3D" window.print()" value=3D"Print">

=2E..or from a server, using "html2ps" and lpr through pipes. How it shou=
ld work=20
on Windoze as server I dunno, since "Server Security" and "Microsoft" is =
antagonical differences.

Also, please note, that:
a) This is offtopic, offtheme, offmaillist. Probably you should subscribe=
some HTML maillist or just browse http://www.w3.org since no matter which=
application server you use to generate HTML page you want to print somewh=

b) Python && Java !=3D JavaScript and probably nobody here properly under=
what you really want to do:


Regards, Bogdan

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