[Zope-DB] Broken ODBC link in Zope 251

Charlie cyhoong@pc.jaring.my
Mon, 23 Dec 2002 01:35:21 +0800

I hope some can help me on this.

I am using Zope251/Access2002/ZODBC3.1 on WIndowXP/

I have create an OBDC link to a database dbcMyDB. I have tested the link 
and create some tables in this through Zope.
By accident, I delete the ODBC link using Window ODBC manager.

Since then, I am unable to delete the link in Zope, even though  I tried 
to recreate link with the Windows ODBC manager.
In Zope, I  get the error message:
Zope has encountered a problem publishing your object.

Cannot locate object at http://localhost:8080/Example/dbcMyDB.

Please advise.

TQ in advance.