[Zope-DB] Psycopg, Zope & Autocommit

Federico Di Gregorio fog@initd.org
10 Nov 2002 23:59:45 +0100

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Il dom, 2002-11-10 alle 23:40, Dieter Maurer ha scritto:
> Charlie Clark writes:
>  > ...
>  > I've just switched to=20
>  > PostgreSQL using psycopg and I didn't have to change anything in windo=
>  > Having just installed my application on a Linux server I find that non=
e of=20
>  > the methods are really being called unless I add "commit;" at the end =
>  > the method.
> Must be something strange:
>   I use PostgreSQL with "ZpsycopgDA/psycopg" on Linux and the
>   Z SQL Methods work without a trailing "commit".
>   Unless there are exceptions, they should be autocommited
>   by Zope's transaction machinery.
>   They do for me.

this is how it works and let me add that adding COMMIT at the end of
every SQL Method will badly confuse Zope's transaction machinery.

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