[Zope-DB] problems installing

Ufficio Ced Ufficio Ced <ced@comune.signa.fi.it>
Thu, 14 Nov 2002 09:55:42 +0000

Hallo zope-db@zope.org,

 I have to connect an Oracle 7.3 database with Zope on a Windows NT
 machine. I'm using ZODBC and it works but the connection is not
 stable (sometimes I have to manually disconnect/reconnect the ZODBC
 method to make it work again).
 I wanted to try to use ZOracleDA and DCOracle.
 The problem is: "How to install those packages on a Windows NT
 machine?" The instructions are for linux based machines (it is used a
 "make" inf file)
 I have oracle client properly installed on the machine.

 Thank you, Nicola Mersi

Cordiali Saluti,
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