[Zope-DB] rollback / commit inside DTML : How To ??

Harald Koschinski harald.koschinski@friatec.de
Thu, 10 Oct 2002 16:59:17 +0200


> Agreed -- dont try to abort or commit the transaction *during* the 
> transaction.  You'll get in a world of hurt if you try.

Sorry, but I must dissagree -
the question is: What is a transaction?

In the case that one REQUEST is one TRANSACTION Zope is doing everything 
automaticly correct - fine. :-)
But: If you have some more complicated applications there are several 
transactions and subtransactions during one REQUEST.
In the case of a failure you don't want to have a rollback for all 
transactions - you (I) want to controll which transactions have to 
commit by hand. :-(

So I ask my question again: How can I use the python functions for 
transaction control inside DTML.

(please don't give the answer, that developing in DTML is a mistake and 
python is more clever for such complicated application. I use both in a 
mixed structure but decided to do the database
transactions in dtml, because zsql is very nice)