[Zope-DB] FireBird and <dtml-var sql_delimiter>

Nuno Maltez nuno@xml.pt
Mon, 14 Oct 2002 19:02:25 +0100


I'm using Firebird and kinterbasedbDA and facing problems doing
multiple inserts in one ZSQL method.

I've tested this on Linux and Windows 2000 and downloaded the lastest

If I create a method like 

INSERT INTO Names (Name) values ("John")
<dtml-var sql_delimiter>
INSERT INTO Names (Name) values ("Mary")

and then test it, no errors are shown; however only the
first INSERT is really done. A 


will only give me "John".

If I then add "Mary" in a different method, or in the "test" tab of the
connection object, this second row is correctly inserted, so there are
no problems with the data itself.

Can someone reproduce this? What about other Firebird adaptors?

Is sql_delimiter managed by the ZSQL method
or have the different adaptors the possibility of inserting a custom
delimited if the standard one doesn't work with its particular DB engine?

Thanks in advance,