[Zope-DB] Avoid Lost Updates?

Martin Gebert Murphy.Gebert@gmx.de
Wed, 16 Oct 2002 14:01:30 +0200

M.-A. Lemburg schrieb:

> Martin Gebert wrote:
> Why don't you save the data and the locking information in a
> persistent user object and only write the new data to the database
> when the user has finished working it ?

Huh? Sorry, I don't get what you're up to... :-(

> (locks should have a timeout builtin in order to avoid deadlocks
> if the user never gets to the finishing state)

Correct, that's one of the problems to solve. BTW, MySQL seemingly has a 
rather good and *quick* deadlock detection (tried yesterday, but only 
with a minimal deadlock circle :-)