[Zope-DB] multiple data insert (MySQL, Zope)

Fejes Róbert pouch@freemail.hu
Tue, 29 Oct 2002 22:51:21 +0100

Hi Charlie,

> Note your original HTML is incorrect: you do not need to respecify "sel=
> within an option.
You're definitely right. I wanted to write:
<tr><td>Languages: </td>
    <td><dtml-in all_languages><select name="lang_id" size=4 multiple>
        <option value="<dtml-var name=lang_id>"><dtml-var name=language>
It's a dynamic list, isn't it?

>I would advise you to move away from DTML for doing the form and onto ZP=
>And use PythonScripts for any kind of logic other than presentation.

Thank you very much for your help, indeed.

Bye: FeRó
//SuSE 8.0, Python 2.2, Zope 2.5, MySQL 3.23.48