[Zope-DB] Installing DCOracle2 on Mac OSX 10.1.5

Peter Nelson nelso513@cts.umn.edu
Thu, 13 Feb 2003 13:38:51 -0600

Can anyone help me figure out how to install DCOracle2 1.2 on OS X
10.1.5? My Zope is 2.5.1, and is currently connecting to a MySQL
database on the same machine using ZMySQLDA; however our department's
main database system is Oracle. 

Below is a description of my problem and the Zope error messages
received. Any help on building/installing DCOracle2 on OSX would be
greatly appreciated. 


I downloaded and installed OSX client libraries for 8i (Release 3,
8.1.7) from Oracle. The client libraries contain a lib file called
"libclntsh.dyld" instead of the "libclntsh.so" which DCOracle expects,
so I copied libclntsh.dyld to libclntsh.so -- this seemed to satisfy
I also configured the Oracle environment variables as per the client
installation instructions.
However, after running make, I  received this error in Zope:

2003-02-12T15:53:36 ERROR(200) Zope Could not import
Traceback (innermost last):
  File /Applications/Zope-2.5.1-MOSX/lib/python/OFS/Application.py,
line 531, in import_product
line 91, in ?
/Applications/Zope-2.5.1-MOSX/lib/python/Products/DCOracle2/DA.py, line
90, in ?
/Applications/Zope-2.5.1-MOSX/lib/python/Products/DCOracle2/db.py, line
89, in ?
  File DCOracle2/__init__.py, line 37, in ?
  File DCOracle2/DCOracle2.py, line 104, in ?
ImportError: Inappropriate file type for dynamic loading
I also tried modifying the install.py script to recognize "darwin5" as
the system type (following suggestion in a bug post on the DCOracle bug
tracker), using the Redhat settings. This resulted in:
[localhost:python/Products/DCOracle2] root#
/Applications/Zope-2.5.1-MOSX/bin/python install.py
Installing: binary release for Python 2.1
... test loading DCOracle2 ...
ERROR: DCOracle2 failed to load
The most likely reason DCOracle2 failed to load is a platform
binary mismatch between your version of Oracle and the
version of Oracle the pre-built binary was compiled against,
Oracle 8i. You can either rebuild DCOracle2 from source, or
install Oracle 8i client libraries on your computer. You
may be able to obtain Oracle client libraries at
The python error message is:
exceptions.ImportError: Inappropriate file type for dynamic loading

Thanks for your help, 

Peter Nelson
Center for Transportation Studies