[Zope-DB] CCSQLMethods

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Fri, 14 Feb 2003 19:44:40 +0100

Maciej Wisniowski wrote at 2003-2-14 12:31 +0100:
 > ....
 > BTW to be able
 > to use CCSQLMethods in Zope 2.6 on W2K platform I had to change line 52 in
 > "sql.py" file (in CCSQLMethods product) to look like this:
 > "manage_main=HTMLFile(os.path.normpath('../ZSQLMethods/dtml/edit'),
 > globals())".
Thank you for this tip!

 > Another question... I tried to limit the count of retrieved records in query
 > with "Maximum rows to retrieve" but... how is it working?? I've set this to
 > 10 but query still retruns much more results... Why? What is wrong?
This might be a bug in either "ZCCSQLMethods" or your DA.

ZSQLMethod should pass this parameter to the DA's "query" method.

  Check, that it does.
  If it does, the fault is with the DA.