[Zope-DB] sqlvar tag for text

Alex Cowan alex@funcom.com
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 21:48:10 +0100

Ah alright, I'll explain a little ;)

Its for when you want to enter text into a database but not as a string.
Normally you'd have a problem if there are any ' or ", so you need to either
have a small python script to parse the text before you put it into the db
or something else to do it.

PHP has addslashes, python doesn't seem to have anything (that I can find)
except using string.replace to do it, but its far easier to have a dtml-tag
to do it.

sqlvar only has string or int (basically), which is great for strings but
converting the text to a string isn't always the best thing (since it loses
any formatting). So the tag does it without making it a string.


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> Alex Cowan wrote at 2003-2-24 16:53 +0100:
>  > I was wondering if anyone has a good suggestion on where to submit the
>  > change?
> Maybe, "<http://collector.zope.org/Zope>".
> I am not sure, however, what your addition does and whether I would
> be interested..
> Dieter
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