[Zope-DB] sqlvar tag for text

Alex Cowan alex@funcom.com
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 23:24:23 +0100

Sorry that some of you will get this twice (I did reply to instead of reply
to all)

I can provide several

guestbooks, bulletin boards, application forms, news systems

Anything which requires you to use more than 1 line of text (and keep
formatting in tact).

As a reply to the next email this isn't an entirely new tag, its a minor
extension on an existing tag. The current tag (using string type) strips all
formatting (and doesn't save \n etc). The standard dtml-var tag doesn't
handle " and ' correctly since in an sql method you need to use
'<dtml-sqlvar foo>' for text.

As a reply to Jim Penney:
Doesn't help in cases where I want to keep " instead of '


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> > Alex Cowan wrote:
> > I was wondering if anyone has a good suggestion on where to submit the
> > change? I can't imagine it would be just me that wants this as its
> > for lots of database stuff ;)
> >
> Could you provide and example, please?
> Fernando
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