[Zope-DB] DCOracleStorage error

Matthew T. Kromer matt@zope.com
Wed, 26 Feb 2003 10:43:22 -0500

Alessandro Pinato wrote:

>I want to use DCOracle2 - DCOracleStorage to as a ZEO Storage Server.
>The Zeo server go up well, but Zope client return this error during startup:
>AttributeError: DCOracleStorage instance has no attribute 
>My StorageConfig.py
>import DCOracle2, DCOracleStorage
>        lambda : DCOracle2.Connect('zope/zope@mydb'),
>        prefix='zodb_',
>        )
>My custom_zodb.py
>import ZEO.ClientStorage
>Storage=ZEO.ClientStorage.ClientStorage(addr, storage='zope')
>Help me please.
This is likely to be a result of recent changes in the ZODB code -- 
exactly what I can't say.  If you feel up to it, take a look in ZODB's 
FileStorage class to find out what the supportsTransactionUndo does, and 
add it to Full.py for DCOracleStorage.