[Zope-DB] Connecting to MySQL DB from infoForm / infoAction

Paul Resnikoff paulr@stanfordalumni.org
Fri, 03 Jan 2003 19:58:18 -0000

Hello, I would appreciate anyone who has the time to look at this issue!:=

I am building a news webpage using Zope v2.5.1.  I would like to collect =
emails of people interested in receiving email updates. I have a MySQL
database set-up and connected properly.  I have also set up working infoF=
and infoAction files to collect user emails.  I would like to send the us=
email addresses to a table contained in the MySQL database so that I have=
all stored in an easy table format. =

I have not been able to find documentation on how to link the email entry=
to the MySQL database.

The infoForm DTML Doc looks like this:

<p>Receive the daily email update.</p>
<form action=3D"infoAction">
<input type=3D"text" name=3D"email" size=3D"18">
<input type=3Dimage name=3Dsign_up =


The infoAction DTML doc looks like this:

<p class=3Dheadline>Thanks for entering your email. You will now receive =

the weekly email at <dtml-var email>.</p>