[Zope-DB] Zope and Sybase under Linux

Jakub Wisniowski =?Windows-1250?B?SmFrdWIgV2mcbmlvd3NraQ==?= <jakub.wisniowski@euro.coig.pl>
Tue, 7 Jan 2003 11:54:32 +0100


I have got Red Hat 7.2, Zope 2.6.0, Sybase ASA 8 and Python 2.2.1. My question is
which DA should I use to connect to my database from Zope? I used ZODBC DA
under Windows but I have no experience with Linux. I have tried
Sybase DA, but I was unable to compile the sources - I get the

make -f ./Makefile.pre.in VPATH=. srcdir=. \
        installdir=$installdir \
        exec_installdir=$exec_installdir \
make[1]: Entering folder `/usr/share/Zope-2.6.0-linux2-x86/lib/python/Products/SybaseDAv2/src'
sed -n \
 -e '1s/.*/1i\\/p' \
 -e '2s%.*%# Generated automatically from Makefile.pre.in by sedscript.%p' \
 -e '/^VERSION=/s/^VERSION=[    ]*\(.*\)/s%@VERSION[@]%\1%/p' \
 -e '/^CC=/s/^CC=[      ]*\(.*\)/s%@CC[@]%\1%/p' \
 -e '/^CCC=/s/^CCC=[    ]*\(.*\)/s%#@SET_CCC[@]%CCC=\1%/p' \
 -e '/^LINKCC=/s/^LINKCC=[      ]*\(.*\)/s%@LINKCC[@]%\1%/p' \
 -e '/^OPT=/s/^OPT=[    ]*\(.*\)/s%@OPT[@]%\1%/p' \
 -e '/^LDFLAGS=/s/^LDFLAGS=[    ]*\(.*\)/s%@LDFLAGS[@]%\1%/p' \
: No such file or directory
make[1]: *** [sedscript] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving folder `/usr/share/Zope-2.6.0-linux2-x86/lib/python/Products/SybaseDAv2/src'
make: *** [boot] Error 2
I have set the 'SYBASE' env path earlier as the readme for SybaseDA
says. Any suggestions? Is there any alternative (and free) DA for SybaseDA under

 Jakub Wisniowski