[Zope-DB] error - missing sortKey() method

Brett Haydon b.haydon@unsw.edu.au
Wed, 22 Jan 2003 10:19:26 +1100

Found it! thanks.

For anyone else seeing the same thing..it's nothing to worry about -  just
an API change to ZODB that has come into effect from 2.6.1b? that produces
an error message but doesn't cause any other problems.


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Subject: Re: [Zope-DB] error - missing sortKey() method

Brett Haydon wrote at 2003-1-21 13:56 +1100:
 > Has anyone else noticed this error message appearing when using Mysql >
 > version 4.02
 > Most SQL statements (but not all - I can't pin it down
 > definatively)
 > bring up the following error msg -> stdout
 > 2003-01-18T15:19:50 PROBLEM(100) TM jar missing
 > sortKey() method: <Products.ZMyS
 > QLDA.db.DB instance at 01743284>
I have seen such a problem report (with explanation) in a Zope
mailing list. Search the archives (e.g. via Google)!