[Zope-DB] Get value from selected item

Nuno Maltez nuno@xml.pt
Wed, 29 Jan 2003 12:16:32 +0000


Em Quarta, 29 de Janeiro de 2003 11:51, Kerstin Petersen escreveu:
> <h1>Mitarbeiter </h1>
>   <h3>
>    <dtml-in GetMitarbeiter>
>     <li>
>       <a href=MitarbeiterEmail>

I'm not sure I undertood your question correctly, but
it looks like you need to pass MitarbeiterNr to your
MitarbeiterEmail method in this link:

<a href="MitarbeiterEmail?MitarbeiterNr=<dtml-var MitarbeiterNr>">