[Zope-DB] instant DB access

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Thu, 24 Jul 2003 15:24:21 -0400

It's not that difficult. Technically, since most database adapters are not
written in platform-independant Python, you have to compile it for each
platform. That's the difference in convenience you have noticed. In
practice, it's not a huge burden, since linux distributions usually package
that stuff up for you and Win32 adapters are generally available in compiled

Honestly, there are quite a few opportunities for improvement, but it seems
worse than it really is.

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Warning, this may sound whiny.

Zope seems like a great, well thought-out product.  But why, after it
existing so long, is it still a chore to figure out and setup database
access for it?

For example, I want Zope to run on Linux and access my existing
PostgreSQL database.  From what I've read, to make that happen I'll have
to download the source version of PostgreSQL, in addition to some 3rd
party tools or libraries.

Considering how polished Zope seems to be, this roll-your-own database
access seems rather raw, unfinished.  It would be nice to be able to
download and install a plugin (or whatever it's called in Zope) that
would give me instant database interoperability with Postgres (as well
as plugins for other DBs).

I'll get my hands dirty if I have to, but it seems like a big shift in
level of detail compared to the simplicity and completeness of Zope



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