[Zope-DB] ZMySQLDA and MySQL-python

Alessio Beltrame abeltrame at libero.it
Thu Sep 4 10:27:25 EDT 2003

On a first Linux/Zope2.6 machine I was able to install successfully 
ZMySQLDA; however, on a similar installation on a second machine I seem not 
to be able to run the product. Some more details:

- The second machine (for a number of reasons) runs an unusual installation 
of MySQL (installation directories, socket, etc. are different)

- I installed MySQL-python using the Zope version of the interpreter, the 
usual way (<zope dir>/bin/python setup.py build/install) with no reported 
errors (just to be sure, I renamed the distro original interpreter to 
python-dist, so that I'm sure I run the installation using the Zope version 
of python)

- MySQL-python DO work when run from the interpreter (I just can do import 
_mysql, db=_mysql.connect(...), etc..)

- ZMySQLDA does not work, giving the error message "ImportError: No module 
named _mysql"

- _mysql.so library and the other stuff ARE inside <zope 

What could be the problem? Path? Permissions? Whatever?

Thank you for your time.

Alessio Beltrame

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