[Zope-DB] Transaction Weirdness

Christian Theune ct at gocept.com
Wed Sep 10 08:45:51 EDT 2003


we are discovering a problem loosing data with PyPgSQL/ZPyPgSQLDA,
Postgres 7.3.2 and Zope HEAD (as of 2003/07/14).

Effect is that sometimes the DA seems to keep a connection to postgres
around in "idle in transaction" state (most times without any write
queries up to this time) and sometimes holds it for quite a while. We
can reproduce it at about 50% of the time which results in data loss,
when the query that keeps hanging around had write accesses, remains
open and get's a rollback due to an exception in a later request.

Anybody familiar with this problem? Something that seems to be related
was found here:


I debugged the TM code for some hours but didn't find the exact point
where it keeps the connection around. I don't know if it's Zope, the DA,
postgres or something else. 


Christian Theune, gocept gmbh & co. kg
http://www.gocept.com - ct at gocept.com
fon: 03496 3099112 fax: 03496 3099118 mobile: 0179 7808366
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