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Patrick Nolan pnolan at nappco.com
Wed Sep 17 09:40:44 EDT 2003

I’ve been trying to connect Zope 2.6.1 with MySQL 4.0.13 using Python 2.3,
MySQL-python-0.9.3b1, and ZMySQLDA-2.0.8.


I’ve managed to get everything installed correctly except I am having
compile problems with MySQL-python-0.9.3b1.  


Is it possible that I’ve jumped the gun with Python 2.3, and need to role
back to 2.2?  Or is there some other way to work with MySQL than listed
above?  Additionally, I guess Zope comes with its own database?   Should I
just use it instead, and or is there something better?


Thanks for your help,



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