[Zope-DB] RE: RE: Form evaluation in ZSQL-Method

Andreas Tille tillea at rki.de
Thu Sep 18 11:24:02 EDT 2003

On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Smith, Neil (Worcester) wrote:

> Just reverse the order of the "AND" and the "IF" and it will work:
> <dtml-sqlgroup where>
>    <dtml-sqltest otheritem op=ilike type=nb optional>
> <dtml-and>
> <dtml-if "iditem>0">
>    <dtml-sqltest iditem column=iditem op=eq type=int optional>
> </dtml-if>
> </dtml-sqlgroup>
Well, this works syntactically but brings me back to a problem which is quite
similiar to my first one:

If I have one of the items selected and the result set is greater than 20
I get

       Error Type: NameError
       Error Value: global name 'iditem' is not defined

if I follow the link to "next 20 results".

Even more stupid is the fact that a selected iditem=0 has no results even if
it should bring up the whole data set which lets me suspect that something
is wrong with the <dtml-if> approach even if it sounds very logical to me. :-(

Thanks for your quick help anyway


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