[Zope-DB] DCOracle2: close connection doesn't

Chris Withers chrisw at nipltd.com
Sat Sep 20 10:01:25 EDT 2003

Hi Matt,

Just noticed this with a recent CVS checkout of DCOracle 2.

If you click the "Close Connection" button of a DCOracle 2 connection, it 
doesn't actually close the connection. How come?

This also seems to apply if the connection gets dropped by Oracle:
The connection object still reports as being "Open"  on the status tab, and 
tries to execute queries but fails messily 'cos Oracle has gone away.

On this last point, has anyone implemented something like an 'auto-reconnect' 
feature for DCOracle 2 so that the user never sees the DCOracle2 Error: (1012, 
'ORA-01012: not logged on') message?



PS: Did try and have a look at:
...to report this, but got this error:

Insufficient Privileges

You do not have sufficient privileges to view this page.

If you are getting this message when trying to edit your own zope.org content, 
remember that you must retract published items before you may edit them. To 
retract an item, click on the State link to view the publishing status form and 
select "retract" from the publishing options.

If you believe you are receiving this message in error, please send an e-mail to 
webmaster at zope.org.

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