[Zope-DB] Re: DCOracle2 Error: (1012, 'ORA-01012: not logged on')

Matthew T. Kromer matt at zope.com
Mon Sep 22 16:35:27 EDT 2003

Matthew T. Kromer wrote:

> Go for it!  Thats why the code is out there in cvs.zope.org.  I've had 
> people send me diffs and I've looked them over from time to time, but 
> its MUCH easier to have them be in CVS.  Others have sent me 
> whole-file changes leaving me to figure out what the diffs are and I 
> cringe at trying to figure out and port people's changes.
> The best thing to start with is to come up with a solid set of test 
> cases that the DBAPI test runner can handle.  I think in the tests/ 
> directory (vs test/ which is my one-off test folder) there's a 
> testDCOracle2.py file which is the stub for the api2test.py program.  
> I think the dco2test.py program is the kick-off bit if you want to 
> start following there.  I *dont* have a comprehensive test suite, just 
> a set of exerciser scripts in my test/ directory.

Don't you just love following up to yourself?

The DBAPI test suite slooke like it is in 
test/test_dcoracle2_dbapi20.py.   The stuff in tests/ is really really 
old and isnt the test suite Stuart Bishop did (which is far nicer).

Matt Kromer
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