[Zope-DB] Re: DCOracle2 Error: (1012, 'ORA-01012: not logged on')

Chris Withers chrisw at nipltd.com
Wed Sep 24 11:18:17 EDT 2003

Matthew T. Kromer wrote:

>> Would you mind if I made these changes (and some other bug fixes that 
>> people have suggested) on a branch in CVS, ready for you to review, 
>> merge and release?
> Go for it!  Thats why the code is out there in cvs.zope.org. 

Cool :-)

> I've had 
> people send me diffs and I've looked them over from time to time, but 
> its MUCH easier to have them be in CVS. 

Well, if you have any of these backed up that might be relevent to these 'oracle 
disconnected' problems, please shove them my way!

> The best thing to start with is to come up with a solid set of test 
> cases that the DBAPI test runner can handle.

Where can I find out about this and how to write these tests?

> The ZOracleDA piece is very old, its a direct munge of the original 
> ZOracleDA, just barely tweaked enough to support DCOracle2 vs DCOracle.

Right :-)

> The Zope DA mechanisms are getting somewhat creaky IMHO.  

Urm, yeah...

> I'd *like* to 
> fix them, but not so much that I've taken the time to do so in off 
> hours.  I'd prefer to start with something that looks & smells a bit 
> like the original Aqueduct product and go from there.  There are just 
> some unpleasant bits down in the code.

How is it being done in Zope 3?

> I'd also like to get rid of some of the <dtml-var> junk that SQL methods 
> use and implement some kind of query builder instead (not necessarily 
> XML based, that's verbose to the extreme) but something that can handle 
> the basic SQL parse and do conditional segments, ie
> SELECT [results] FROM [tables] WHERE [condition] [etc]
> UPDATE [vars] SET [sets] WHERE [condition]
> and have the various bits in brackets be constructed automatically WITH 
> THE CORRECT SQL SYNTAX ie using commas, quotes etc where necesary.  I'd 
> like to have it smart enough to do BINDs if the underlying database 
> supported it.  DTML can't (easily) handle the SET clause of an update, 
> for instance, if there are variable things being set.

Amen to this brother ;-) Last vestiges of DTML vanishing would make me a happy 
bunny. I think Zope 3 is the place to do this, if you want to give it a go, 
lemme know :-) However, it is outside the remit of my current work :-(



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