[Zope-DB] Re: Auto-reconnect in DCOracle2

Chris Withers chrisw at nipltd.com
Wed Sep 24 11:28:36 EDT 2003

Matthew T. Kromer wrote:

> The DA is only going to know that the connection closed if it gets an 
> error sending a command :(

Yeah, kinda figured that :-(

> The DA's query method has a lot of try/except wrappers to try to boost 
> it around the connection dissapearing and then causing a reconnect to 
> take place.

Not sure I quite understand you there. Where's the code so I can take a peak?
It sounds like you're saying there's already code there to do what I want;
ie: if a query would fail because the connection is gone, then try and connect 
again before the query. is that the case?



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