[Zope-DB] Re: Stuart Bishop's Test Suite

Matthew T. Kromer matt at zope.com
Wed Sep 24 11:34:44 EDT 2003

Chris Withers wrote:

> Matthew T. Kromer wrote:
>> The DBAPI test suite slooke like it is in 
>> test/test_dcoracle2_dbapi20.py.   The stuff in tests/ is really 
>> really old and isnt the test suite Stuart Bishop did (which is far 
>> nicer).
> Where's that then?
> How do I get it up and running?
> Chris

If I recall correctly you just run it ;)

djinn(14)$ python test_dcoracle2_dbapi20.py
Ran 33 tests in 14.565s

What it is missing is all of the heaving pushing on the parts that are 
likely to break, ie all of the complicated stored procedure or array 
binding codes.

DCOracle2 is also not capable of handling the XML datatype that's new in 
Oracle 9i.  At the time the C code was written there were only a few 
things that had to cope with handles rather than pointers, but Oracle 9 
goes a lot more heavy with Oracle objects and those are all handle 
based.  Every so often I get gripes that it can't handle the more 
esoteric data types natively.  Doing a re-plumb of the C layer is a lot 
of work to support the extra types (particularly since if I did it right 
I'd try to be able to describe and support any arbitrary Oracle 
object).  Right now there just isn't any demand that I pick up on to say 
"I need to be able to map Oracle objects into python."

Matt Kromer
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