[Zope-DB] DCOracle2: close connection doesn't

Chris Withers chrisw at nipltd.com
Wed Sep 24 11:47:17 EDT 2003

Matthew T. Kromer wrote:

> Chris Withers wrote:
>> ...which seems 'bad' to me. They also auto open as they're unpickled 
>> from the ZODB (see the __setstate__ method in Connection.py).
>> Which makes me wonder why the open/closed marker is there at all, and 
>> what it means when it says closed? Is it ever accurate?
> The open/closed marker is useless in ZOracleDA.  Any rewrite should 
> either fix this or eliminate the marker.  The ONLY thing it ever let you 
> do was try new connection strings out.

Noted ;-)

> Bo sent me some replacement files, not patches, and I haven't taken the 
> time to look at what he did.  There are probably huge comment blocks, 
> but I much prefer reading unified diffs.

Chuck 'em my way, I'll have a look :-)

> I dont expect Z SQL methods to get new cursors at all, they should just 
> use the implicit cursor in the connection object, I think.

Indeed, so if that cursor isn't getting closed for whatever reason, his patch 
will be working...

>> Indeed. This I'd like to avoid. Any idea where the cursors could be 
>> leaking away to? What would they show up in Zope's Debug panel as?
> *if* Zope's debug panel can see them =/ 

What would stop them being visible there?

> No, anything that goes thru the normal DCOracle2 python layer has the 
> dco2 layer ResultSet objects removed.  The result set is sort of a 
> scrolling window, that holds pure Oracle data, not python objects.

Righty :-)



> You probably can, we're soliciting people to help maintain what is 
> zope.org.

Yeah, but if you want people to sign that rediculous document before pitching 
in, you may be waiting a while ;-)

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