[Zope-DB] Problem with DCOracle2 null's

Gilberto Pereira ggsfp at students.fct.unl.pt
Mon Sep 29 14:54:42 EDT 2003

Hello DCOracle2 users...

Since I upgraded the dco2.c library from the CVS version (because of the 
memory leak problem), I’m having problems when trying to get values from 
columns of the type number when all the values are null.
Every select returns either junk or the following error:
OCI-22060: argument [2] is an invalid or unitialized number

I’ve returned to my old version (dco2.c, v1.129), and it’s working fine 
with this kind of selects. But recently I've noticed the same problem 
reported by Jerry (DCOracle2 query return null value column), and the 
solution suggested by Matthew means using the last CVS version.

Is anybody else getting this error, or have I done something wrong 
compiling the library?

I'm using Zope 2.6.1 or 2.5.1 on WinXP, Python 2.1.3, with Oracle 8.1.7
I’ve compiled the dco2.c v1.136 with the DCO2NT build for MS VC++ 6.0 
with some warnings, but without problems



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