[Zope-DB] More zsql methods in one transactiion

Geir Bækholt lists at elvix.com
Tue Sep 30 07:00:35 EDT 2003

On  Tue, 30 Sep 2003 12:42:58 +0200 GMT 
Gál László asked the Zope-DB mailinglist about the following:
> Hi! I use postgresql, and as I saw one ZSQL method is a pg
> transaction. How can I batch more zsql menthods into one pg
> transaction, for ex. from python script? I need to pass parameters
> from a query to other zsql methods, and I want that parameter to be
> valid while the python script runs.

One transaction is tied to one HTTP-request, not to one zsql-method.
- So you can just go on and call them from you python-script. It
should work just fine, out-of-the-box



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