R: R: [Zope-DB] ZODBCDA for Python 2.3.3

Philip Kilner phil at xfr.co.uk
Fri Apr 2 03:39:20 EST 2004

Hi Chris,

Chris Withers wrote:
>> I originally started using ZOPE because I could use it as a web 
>> front-end for my MS Access databases. 
> If you're doing that in any kind of production environment, you have 
> bigger problems ;-)

Possibly - but not if used within it's (many, acknowledged) limitations.

>> I sort of feel deceived that that functionality was there and has been 
>> dropped.
> It's not been "dropped", you could stick with Zope 2.6.4, or fix ZODBCDA...

True enough...

>> Now if I want to distribute my solution
>> to client sites, I have to tell them it's all opensource - *except* ...
> Except Access? And the Windows machine you run it on? Come on...

...but this, although I take your general point, is not so true.

If the client is a Windows shop, and either the database a legacy 
desktop/work group RDBMS or you have the M$ Office Developer tools and 
can redistribute Access (or MSDE for that matter - much better choice!), 
there need be no /additional/ license costs involved in implementing a 
Zope (or other Open Source) solution.

Such situations can be a quick win / foot in the door for Open Source in 
a typical, conservative, organisation, and that's another good reason 
for Zope to support that kind of use as Open Source.



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