R: R: [Zope-DB] ZODBCDA for Python 2.3.3

Philip Kilner phil at xfr.co.uk
Fri Apr 2 10:58:11 EST 2004

Hi Mike,

Michael Long wrote:
>>The manager won't know what it's about so he'll ask the ICT department. They
>>will ask "Is it from Micro$oft? No? Then we don't allow to buy this". In the
> If this is the case you have bigger issues to overcome than the price of a driver:)

True - but also often the case!


> Since you are developing a prototype or possibly a tool for "internal" use why not
> go all out and migrate your db to an open source product like mysql or postgresql.
> I know this is heresey in M$ shops and may not be possible depending on you needs
> but could lead to some interesting discussions among the system architects if you
> show them a working system built on open source components. Sometimes it is better
> to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission when you are trying to affect a
> paradigm change.

If we're on Windows, postgresql is hard to fly. On any platform, mySQL 
is not quite an RDBMS (yet), but that's another discussion 
entirely...I'd be using Firebird (which, FWIW, has it's own driver)

However, these aren't the real issues - because the scenarios I 
encounter relate to legacy databases, typically SQL Server, although 
there are still AS/400s and things lurking out there on the end of ODBC 



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