[Zope-DB] ZMySQLDA/MySQLdb: DON'T fix like this for Zope 2.7.0!

Chris Withers lists at simplistix.co.uk
Sat Apr 3 12:28:29 EST 2004

Michal Kurowski wrote:

> transactional = self.db.server_capabilities & CLIENT.TRANSACTIONS
> to:
> transactional =  CLIENT.TRANSACTIONS 

This is NOT a good fix. All you're doing is ignoring the server's capabilities, 
so if the server supports transactions and the client doesn't, or vice versa, 
you end up in a mess.

I have a patch which I'm testing and will post soon.

> db.py file from ZmySQLDA is requirement for python 2.3.3 based 
> zope to work.

I think the idea is that you're supposed to use mysql-python 0.9.3b2 with Python 
2.3, but there's no Windows binary for that.

> Can anyone explain to me why "_mysql" (instead of "MySQLdb") is used
> here in the first place ?
> Andy Dustman recommends against it for years now.

Well, ZMySQLDA is Andy's code, so perhaps he could comment? ;-)


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