[Zope-DB] Creating Forms

Laura McCord Laura.McCord at doucet-austin.com
Tue Apr 27 16:07:46 EDT 2004

I am a newbie at creating forms, I only know the basics. What I need to
do is the following:

I have a list of users:

1 jane jane at blah.com  texas 
2 jim  jim at blah.com   california
3 jill jill at blah.com  florida

I want the user's name (Example, Jill) to be linkable to an edit form
but I want the edit form to be pre-populated with the user's
information. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this? I am using
the 'Z Search Interface' to display all of the users. 

So, perhaps in this block of code the link can be created. But, I don't
know what to  include to send the user information to the edit form to
pre-populate the form fields.

<div tal:repeat="result batch" >
          <td><span tal:replace="result/userid" >userid</span></td>
          <td><span tal:replace="result/username">username</span></td>

          <td><span tal:replace="result/useremail">useremail goes
          <td><span tal:replace="result/useroffice">useroffice goes
          <td><span tal:replace="result/userpwd">userpwd goes
          <td><span tal:replace="result/userpwdchg">userpwdchg goes
          <td><span tal:replace="result/pcname">pcname goes
          <td><span><a href="userEdit_Form"


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