[Zope-DB] escaping punctuation in formulator

Marie Robichon robichon at esrf.fr
Tue Feb 3 10:26:22 EST 2004


How do I escape single quotes and '(' or ')' characters passed from my 
Formulator form to my SQLmethod ??
If I don't escape them explicitly, formulator adds two single quotes around 
my value and I get a 'quoted string incorrectly terminated error' (or 
something like that).

It is particularly tricky since I have a '<dtml-in><dtml-var 
sequence-item>;</dtml-in>' construct within my sql method in order to 
extract values from mutlicheckboxes and feed them into one column in my 
oracle db.

Another problem I have: why all of a sudden does my 
oracle_database_connection close and not want to open due to a 
dco2.DatabaseError (12154, 'ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve service name') 
- could this have something to do with the fact that we have been having 
memory leaks and have restarted our server about six times today???

Thanks in advance


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