[Zope-DB] Database result objects

Henk Laloli Henk.Laloli at niwi.knaw.nl
Thu Feb 5 04:41:24 EST 2004

Dieter Maurer wrote 02/04/04 10:05 PM >>>

>>> The "ZODBCDA" has several issues, including that it does not
implement "dictionaries" (which you do not need anyway!).

Think about replacing "ZODBCDA"...



Thanks for the information. It would be nice if there came a better ODBC
product with Zope. I know of the mx.ODBC python module and a commercial
Zope product based on it. I have used the python module outside Zope.

Henk Laloli wrote at 2004-2-2 14:56 +0100:
> ...
>In the Zope Book database result objects like (using result as the name
>of a resultset)  result.tuples(), result.asRDB(), result.dictionaries()
>are mentioned. I have tried to use these with the ZODBC DA version

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