[Zope-DB] Can all Zope objects be hosted in (f.e.) MySQL?

Martin Eisenhardt Martin.Eisenhardt at uni-bayreuth.de
Fri Feb 13 08:16:34 EST 2004

Hello list,

is it possible to host all Zope objects in a relational database such as
MySQL? Or is the ZODB the only possibility?

I know that relational databases can be used from within Zope, f.e. to
implement special services. Nevertheless, I am interested to host a
complete Zope site in a relational database.

Thanks in advance,
Martin Eisenhardt

Dipl.-Wirtsch. Inf. Martin Eisenhardt

Universität Bayreuth
Fakultät Mathematik und Physik
Fachbereich Informatik
Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Informatik I
D-95440 Bayreuth

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