[Zope-DB] Can all Zope objects be hosted in (f.e.) MySQL?

Andreas Kaiser kaiser at xo7.de
Fri Feb 13 08:33:12 EST 2004

Martin Eisenhardt wrote:

> is it possible to host all Zope objects in a relational database such as
> MySQL? Or is the ZODB the only possibility?
> I know that relational databases can be used from within Zope, f.e. to
> implement special services. Nevertheless, I am interested to host a
> complete Zope site in a relational database.

Ordinary Zope objects resist within the ZODB. Multible storages exist 
for the ZODB. By default Zope uses filestorage, by you can also use 
rdbms storages (oracle, mysql, postgres maybe more).

Your objects will be "searialized" (called pickles) so you can´t do 
really useful things with them in your dbms. afaik all rdbs storages are 
a lot slower than filestorage (or directory storage, which might be 
another option for you).

If you will be using plone and want your content objects to be stored in 
a rdbms (with a real "object type" -> "table" and "object property" -> 
"table column" mapping), archetypes SQLStorage feature might be 
interesting for you.


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