[Zope-DB] Can all Zope objects be hosted in (f.e.) MySQL?

Charlie Clark charlie at begeistert.org
Fri Feb 13 08:35:40 EST 2004

Dear Martin,

MySQL isn't really a relational database but in answer to your question: it 
is technically possible to use an RDBMS behind Zope. This is done by using 
so called "storages". However, I am not quite sure whether this is what you 
want as it essentially involves replacing the file system pickle of the 
Zope-DB with much the same in a DB, ie. the objects themselves are not 
available for queries outside of Zope, which makes sense if you think about 

There are some products which attempt to provide object-relational mapping 
from the ZopeDB such as Smart Objects which as far as I know relies on 
PostgreSQL. There are also some products which allow the use of RDBMS for 
certain components such as ExUserFolder for better integration in existing 
data storage schemes.

Hope this helps.

Charlie Clark

On 2004-02-13 at 14:16:34 [+0100], Martin Eisenhardt wrote:
> Hello list,
> is it possible to host all Zope objects in a relational database such as
> MySQL? Or is the ZODB the only possibility?
> I know that relational databases can be used from within Zope, f.e. to
> implement special services. Nevertheless, I am interested to host a
> complete Zope site in a relational database.
> Thanks in advance,
> Martin Eisenhardt

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