[Zope-DB] self._cursor.bindbypos(i, p) ValueError: invalid data type bound

Jim Abramson jabramson at wgen.net
Tue Feb 17 15:33:29 EST 2004


I'm using dco2 to execute a certain stored procedure which has a non-nullable DATE(7) IN parameter.

When my application encounters empty values in the date slot, I am using


as a default value.

Here's the funny part: running on Win2k, py 2.1.3 (inside a Zope Product, 2.6.0) I have had no problems. But on 2 different linux systems, same python/Zope versions, I always get the ValueError: invalid data type bound. It's even the same physical database/procedure against which I'm testing on these different machines, so I'm pretty sure it can't be Oracle's problem.

Is there some difference in the type conversions between the different platforms? Is this a known issue? Any debugging advice?

Thanks for any help.


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