[Zope-DB] Zope ODBC Database Adapter

jwsacksteder at ramprecision.com jwsacksteder at ramprecision.com
Wed Feb 18 12:41:05 EST 2004

Not likely unless someone will sponsor the costs of doing it.

ZODBCDA has a number of shortcomings. I can't speak for Zope Corp, but I
think it has been stated in the past that they consider it broken and
unsupported. You could use the the DA based on mxODBC, but it is licensed
per cpu, not open sourced. It is very reasonably priced, if you chose to go
that route. The author is on this list, I'm sure he can give you details.

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Is Zope going to provide a ODBC extension (sql.pyd) for Python 2.3?

Stephen B. Kirby
Michael E. DeBakey
VA Medical Center 

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